In the duo massage, you can enjoy a massage in one room with two people. Everyone has his or her own masseur. This massage can only take place if two masseurs are available. Therefore, please request this massage promptly. If two masseurs are not available, you can always opt for the duo essential oil treatment as is described next.

Starting at 45 min. à € 110,00 (price for 2 personen)

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The duo essential oil treatment is a back, neck and shoulder massage in combination with a moisturizing rub. The rub is a combination of a moisturizing cream with, inter alia, argan oil and shea butter that we combine with your chosen essential oil theme. The combinated cream is covered with foil. Heat is generated through the covering, so that substances can be better absorbed by the body. This treatment is for 2 people. When one person receives the rub, the other person receives a massage and vice versa. Before the treatment you will receive an explanation about the essential oils. You can determine which oil suits you based on the explanation and the smell.

60 min. à €105,00 (price for 2 people)

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