Working method

Every person is different and there is a unique massage to fit everyone. At Be MASSAGE a massage is never the same. Different techniques are offered in the massages, such as the classic, the soft holistic and the deep tissue technique. The oils and creams we use are exclusively composed of natural ingredients that are nourishing for the skin. In consultation with you, we determine which massage suits you best at that moment. A short intake is part of the massage.

The Holistic massage is about connection. Not only the connections in the body, but also between body and mind. Holistic comes from the Greek word “holos”, which means “complete”. The holistic massage techniques puts the central nervous system to rest and balances out your body. It is a rhythmic massage and works with connecting strokes.

The Classical massage focuses on smoothing the skin, the superficial and deeper muscle layers and the connective tissue. It stimulates blood circulation and the drainage of accumulated stress and waste and thus helps the self-healing ability of the body. It works well with muscle pain whether this is due to an intensive work-out or stress.

Movement techniques based on the work of Milton Trager. This technique is about feeling a greater freedom of movement of your body. It is a friendly and playful method that involves sensing your own weight. The more you can sense your own bodyweight, the more relaxed your body is. At the same time it is about your own rhythm. Every body has its own rhythm. The movement invites you to sense yourself. Finally, this technique is also about connecting by stretching the body. The rhythm is passed through the stretch that makes mobility in the body easier.

The deep tissue massage technique contributes to smoothing the connective tissue. Connective tissue is a resilient network where the bones, muscles and organs are kept together. It’s everywhere. It is the tendons, the ligaments, the tissue between muscles and around organs. It is important that connective tissue maintains its structure and elasticity so that the body remains supple. With a deep connective tissue massage, the body is touched deeply. The pace is slow. Not only my hands but also knuckles, a fist, forearm or elbow are used. There is a constant verbal and non-verbal communication to determine the right pressure and depth for your body. Due to the deep pressure and the communication you stay aware during the massage and stay in contact with your body, creating more (body) awareness. Long accumulated tension and tension patterns in body and mind are released. Generally, after a deep connective tissue massage you experience more flexibility, mobility and freedom of movement in the body.