lazy lavender

Lazy Lavender massage

Lazy Lavender is a massage with the essential oils lavender. The scent of lavender takes you to the Mediterranean. Lavender is calming, soothing, uplifting and balancing the mind. Lavender will calm you down. You sleep better at night by using pure lavender oil.

Lazy Lavender is a wonderfully relaxing, soothing massage for anyone with tension, stress and / or sadness. The massage gives a feeling of well-being . Lavender oil can contribute to reduce melancholy, tension and anxiety. Lavender promotes awareness and greater intuition. Lavender oil also has a disinfecting and analgesic effect.

Main advantages:

• Calms and promotes sleep.
• Promotes awareness and intuition.
Has a disinfecting and analgesic effect

We work at blooming with the essential oils of Young Living. These are distinguished by the purity of the oil that origins from a very careful production process.